4 Habits that Build Emotional Strength and Stability

4 Habits that Build Emotional Strength and Stability - Personal DevelopmentAs 2011 gets rolling, you might be wondering how to maintain your intentions to REALLY turn things round for yourself this year… before the buzz of all those days of opportunity lying fresh and untouched before you fades.

New Year Resolutions are one thing, making them a reality is something else. This is especially true if you’re depressed, stressed or going through something that’s strangling your mood, outlook and motivation levels.

If you can feel the tug on your heart of something dear that you want to Do, Be or Have, try adopting the following habits. They act as an invisible shield around you, helping you to keep yourself propped up and motivated in spite of what’s going on.

UPDATE 26 July 2013 : You can read the rest of this article on the Paradox of Reality website.

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  1. Tracy says:

    Great Article! From a survivor of a Alcholic chaotic childhood, to an adult that is constantly upheaveling, sabatoging and in the meantime — that sabatoging hurts others around me. Ugh! So tired of this same game. I’ve just ruined yet another opportunity for a descent career by leaving instead of standing my ground — of resigning instead of fighting. Now its everyday fighting depression, back on the job market, trying to figure out a new career, despite the negativity and dissapproval and hurtful comments of “so called friends” who label me as “horrible” — being aware of my achiles heel and taking responsibility is a BIG one, I want others to help and tell me what to do, but its time to grow up — article was encouraging during this difficult time, thank you.

  2. Reeta Luthra says:

    Maybe you’ve ruined nothing Tracy. Sometimes you have to pick your battles and maybe resigning has been the better long-term choice for you.

    If you recognise a pattern, see if you can break it. Is it something you are doing/not doing that keeps putting you in a position of constantly “upheaveling and sabotaging”?

    It’s not wrong to ask for help (it’s actually a strong and brave choice) that helps you develop the confidence and “right” to see and make your own choices.

    Now that you’re between jobs with a bit of time on your hands, see if you can focus it on yourself in a helpful way. Dowload “The On-Purpose Person: Making Your Life Make Sense” by Kevin W. McCarthy from Amazon. If you don’t have a kindle, they also have software so you can read it on your computer. It’s worth it.

  3. rishita says:

    i am very confused and scared..i feel total lethargy nowadays..i m depending on people too much..i hate this vulnerability..i don’t believe i can do anything anymore..feel sort of dead inside..scared to meet people..help me please..

    i had a bully father and to escape him got married very early and the guy i married was almost like a robot..no kids..failed treatments..after 6 yrs of hopeless marriage i fell in love with someone..he was good to me..made me feel loved and lively..my husband knew this and had no problem with it..in a way tht disgusted me the most..

    but now, my husband is a changed man.. wants reconciliation..i m wavering..i cant turn my back on him..and at the same time, the man i love is also there..both of them are friendly with each other..respect each other and they just want me in their lives..its totally bizzare..i cant live two lives..

    i m scared to have kids..they wouldn’t understand me.. they would judge me and find me morally corrupt…

    i m in a self-imposed exile now.. cant live this life..cant lose the man i love and cant turn my back to the man i married..he has no one but me..what to do?

  4. Reeta Luthra says:

    Hi Rishita, even though your situation might feel over-whelming, like most things, there is a way through it.

    One of the most important priorities for you is to gain a sense of self-empowerment. I know you feel a jumble of emotions and obligations… do you also fully understand (as opposed to have an awareness of) your motives and current blocks that keep you locked?

    You went to your husband to escape your father. You went to your boyfriend to escape the hopeless marriage. If we were working together, I’d be helping you to address that underlying need that drives you to “escape” rather than “deal with”.

    Your husband had a reason to hold back for 6 years and to accept that you were with another man. He’s also got his own reasons for changing now. Your boyfriend has a reason to devote himself to you, a married woman. But their reasons are their own “lessons” in life. You’ve got your own to deal with.

    The nature of your relationship with one of these men will have to change to give you peace of mind. To change the relationship in a way that feels good to you and your future, you need to understand yourself much better so that your actions are kind and honourable to both of these men who mean so much to you.

    I hope this helps in some way. If you want to talk about this privately, please feel free to email me directly reeta@reetaluthra.com

  5. shruti says:

    Hi there,

    I dont know if you will reply as this article is pretty old. But I am taking a chance at my luck (which fails mostly). I am girl of 30 years and I had a childhood which i hate to the core. My mother used to cry all the time and father was just hopelessly involved with someone else. I saw it all from my own eyes and dreaded marrying someone who would ruin my life and my kids life the same way. well i met a man who seemed like a knight on horse. Got married to him after fighting wth my parents. 2 years of marriage and i found out he is cheating on me since 1 year. which means he was only loyal to me for may be a year . living with him and his family who supported him at every step and neglected my basic needs as a women was extremely tough. Tought of ending life manier times but no luck there too. Well took a bold step to leave him and its been 8 months that i am away and this man for whom i did everything i could has not bothered abt me even once, I know this relationship is over bt my ego and something inside has broken. I feel terrible that hre did not care for a least bit. My family at time do make me realise my mistake of choosing him,, The job i got is amazing but m failing at every step. my frens all happy in there lives.. i find myself deeply shattered with no grip on emotional level. Thats how i searched for your article. Can u suggest me something to boost my moral. I am dreading for a life ahead .. i feel i will end up alone. I need someone to love me dearly and this want has caused me a lot of things..

    If you will reply i will thing that at least at times i do get good luck.

  6. Reeta Luthra says:

    Hello Shruti – I just wanted to let you know that I have moved this article and your comment over to my new site.

    I will be replying to your comment as soon as I have some time and you will find my reply here: http://paradoxofreality.com/conflict/personal-empowerment/4-habits-that-build-emotional-strength-and-stability/
    Reeta Luthra´s last blog post ..4 Habits that Build Emotional Strength and Stability


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  4. Imal Wagner says:

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