Your Privacy Matters

Your Privacy Matters

In a world where public increasingly seems to be the new private, it almost seems like blasphemy (or prudish) to admit that your Privacy is important to me. Together with Personal Space and Discretion.

That’s why you won’t find me name-dropping or telling your family or everyone on twitter that you’re a client.

It’s also why my privacy policy states that if you leave a comment here that you later want removed, I’ll remove it for you.

I mention this for two reasons:

1) Bucking The So-Called “Social Norm”

I recently popped into twitter after a few months away and have been noticing some people saying things like “Just off the phone with @NameOfPerson. Great new client

It makes me uncomfortable…

When you hire an accountant or a lawyer or any service provider, you don’t necessarily want them telling your friends, colleagues and strangers about it – at least not until you’ve given them the nod to do so.

To assume that a client is comfortable being “paraded” seems disrespectful. Even if they love social media, everyone has their own contextual boundaries.

If this kind of thing makes you uncomfortable too, be assured that when you hire me, you become my business. I take your privacy, peace of mind and comfort very seriously.  If you want to tell others you’ve hired me, that’s cool – but you won’t find me telling anyone.

2) Contacting You With Discretion

I have a survey running on this site inviting you to tell me about the stress and health issues that have brought you here.

The survey is completely anonymous – it’s even set up NOT to collect the IP address of your computer.  The response has been very good and I’ve been touched with the level of frankness with which you’ve been responding. You are definitely helping me to shape the future of this site.

Recently, a number of people have been including their telephone number as part of the survey response – I don’t know what you have told the people who live with you and do not want to breach your privacy. So I’m very reluctant to call a number and ask to speak to “someone whose name I don’t know but they filled out a form on a stress/health site

If this was you, please get in touch with me by Email –

In the meantime I want to give a heart-felt Thank You to everyone who is taking the time to respond to the survey – your contribution means a lot.

What do you think – does privacy matter?

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